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Please copy and paste the questions below for this application form in a seperate topic. Players who attempt to apply without filling out relevant information (i.e the questions) with be disregarded completely and denied immeadiately and topic will be locked. This helps us filter out the noobs and trolls. Thank you for reading

Interested in joining the build team for the EKT Server? This Includes building for the build team for the dwarven city!

So to start this post off, I thought I’d give an explanation as to what I’m looking for, because for 99% of the current dwarven city world, it’s been a solo project. I am always looking to recruit hard working and dedicated builders that can envision the same outcome from the project as I do.

I am currently recruiting landscapers, tree designers, interior decorators, exterior decorators, Redstone experts and builders. You don't have to be the greatest at building, since you can learn a lot through future YouTube tutorials that I shall be uploading onto our YouTube page, or through myself showing/teaching/giving builders on how to build certain styles. With that being said, I am looking for someone with a passion for building, as corny as that sounds, I want people to really enjoy what they’re doing, and from time to time, be able to take constructive criticism. I’m also looking for people that work well with others, but can also follow instructions and work freely and independently. If you feel like this is the kind of role you’re looking for, and want to hang out with us, then apply for the profession(s) mentioned above via a comment.

I implore that people copy this application form, and fill it out respectively when they apply for a position, because it makes our lives easier when reviewing applications, and it also gives you a good idea on the questions I’m looking to have answered.

Note: Please make a new topic when posting your application.

Many thanks in advance, and good luck!


1) Your IGN (In Game Name)
2) Your age & Your country (because of the time zone)
3)What languages are you fluent in? (this could be a problem if you are a great builder and want to help out, but the language barrier with not understanding each other)
4)Do you have a mic? (Not really a necessity but will come in handy if there are multiple builders trying to communicate at once and spamming up too much of the chat.)
5) Why do you want to become a builder? (what are you interested in building?)
6) Your preferred profession(s), picking from builder, landscaper, tree designer, interior decorator, exterior decorator and Redstone expert.
7) Do you have any examples of any work you have previously built? (it can be screenshots/video’s from anywhere you have built including our server)
8) Have you previously been Staff or Builder on any other servers? If so, please tell us your roles within that server/community.
9) How often are you able to be available to build?
10) What is your knowledge and experience with using world edit? (junior builders won’t have access to world edit, however full builders will. As much as this is a pain because I know the feeling of filling stuff in by hand, we have to know that we can trust you to use world edit freely, I don’t think I need to explain why…)
11) Why should we make you a builder?
12) Anything else you would like to add or tell us about yourself? Can be anything!


COPYING OTHER PLAYER'S APPLICATION TAKES YOU OUT OF THE LIST. You IMMEDIATELY get rejected and lose and chance of being helper in the future.

Please note: Being active within the forums and on Discord ( ) will help boost your chances of being accepted.

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