Conquest Reforged Mod Pack.

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Conquest Reforged Mod Pack.

Post#1 » Mon Feb 19, 2018 11:01 pm

Hey boys, girls, and gender neutral nerds!

Just a quick topic to ask anyone who may show a general interest in the wonderous beauty of minecraft, and whether you folks will want to see another server implemented with a new mod, of course, the title gives it away, the mod pack would be the conquest reforged mod.

We would have to delete one of our current minecraft servers, whether that's survival, creative/plot world, games world, sky block.

For some general information about this mod pack, it applies an additional minimum of 6000 blocks to minecraft, mainly used for medieval/viking/nordic/egyptian purposes.

Think of game of thrones, or the witcher, or skyrim or dark souls, and that's the type of stuff you can hope to achieve to build with this new mod pack, and that's the only the beginning. There's cool features like animations of birds, 3D models of blocks like barrels, to candles, to animations of birds, to more additional plants, food blocks such as cabbages or leaves with blackberries/apples/oranges in and many more.

Obviously to join this server, you would indeed need to install this mod pack, and it can be slightly demanding on your system depending on how high you have your settings.

Is this something you guys would be interested in having? I've been wanting this mod pack to be featured upon our community for a while so i can use it personally for a project, so upon setting up a new server with this mod pack, we could add a small creative plots world for you guys to build upon.

If this is something you're interested in, feel free to check out their website

small youtube video of some of the many many blocks that we would have access to

Think that pretty much wraps it up for now, please comment below your thoughts on this!

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