Fair Play Inc - Offical Rules / Disciplinary Procedure

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Fair Play Inc - Offical Rules / Disciplinary Procedure

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By logging into offical FPI channels (inside and outside of the server) you agree to follow the rules below, and understand that by failing to do so will result in actions taken against you in accordance with the disciplinary procdeure detailed below.

As a community server, it is our job to fairly uphold the saftey, wellbeing and fairness of the server. I have drafted out the disciplinary procedure for anyone caught breaking the rules and / or breaching the peace. As of today, the following Procedure will be taking effect.

What we expect from you, the player

[*]Follow the rules - ignorance is no excuse.
[*]Avoid using VPN, IP spoofing software -- you will be caught, not if, when you are caught.
[*]Speak English - this is an English server, we expect players to respect that
[*]If you suspect a staff member is abusing their powers; contact me immediately with screenshots.
[*]If you have a concern, question or problem contact the staff team directly, or me via the forums.

What I expect from the staff / mods

[*]Staff powers may only be used to address a glitch / bug or to enforce the disciplinary procedure.
[*]To keep a screenshot record of everyime powers have had to be used
[*]To be respectful - staff are here to repersent the server; thus please reframe from harsh language / arguing and/or baiting
[*]To keep server details and staff meetings / info top secret; leaks and/or spreading will result in removal from the team.
[*]When kicking said player; staff members are encouraged to make it clear why said player is getting removed from the server - do not insta kick without concept, it is tacky and looks bad on us.

I want to stress that it is not if -- it is WHEN you are caught. Server logs are reviewed every day, and even if you think you have gotten away with it -- you haven't. FPI staff have probably already brought the issue to my attention so do not think you are being clever. We have already caught several people using IP spoofing software, and this is something we will be taking action against in the future -- we will find you.

Disciplinary Procedure
"Ignorance of the rules is no excuse"

If you are caught breaking the rules

We operate on a 'three strikes and you are out' - a firm warning will always be issued before a strike for 'lessor' offenses. (which are defined below) more serious offenses will be issued with a strike instantly if caught.

[*]A mod / admin -- will ask you to cease and desist; a record of the incident will be held on file. Your IP will be stored and screenshots will be taken.
[*]Should you ignore the mod / admin and continue; or you are caught again - you will be kicked from the server temporarily between 1 - 30 days depending on seriousness of offence.
[*]If we catch you for a third and final time you will lose the right to exchange points, and be perma banned from the server.
[*]Should a banned player wish to 'lash out' outside of the server i.e. the forums, requests will be put in to have your sources removed providing evidence to nessessary parties
[*]Players who wish to appeal their ban and/or offense may contact either me or Goku via the forums or discord.

Lessor offenses

[*]Not speaking English (defined as; not speaking English inside the server)
[*]Continued use of bad language (defined as; over use of cuss words)
[*]Team hampering (defined as; knowingly sabotaging team efforts)
[*]Unlawful Overmining (defined as; knowingly sabotaging mines; also classed as team hampering)
[*]Caught using exploit (defined as; doing something not intended by map design)
[*]Naming and shaming outside of the server via offical Ren-X media (defined as Forums and offical discord channels)
[*]Naming and shaming inside the sever
[*]Offensive names

More serious offenses

[*]Using IP spoofing, VPN software
[*]Player harassment (defined as; swearing and/or verbal abuse)
[*]Point farming (defined as abuse of points system outside of design i.e. bot farming on empty maps)
[*]Using cheats and/or cheat engine
[*]Impersonation of a staff / other players

As always, if you have any concerns, feedback or questions feel free to contact me via the forums or via discord.

The server rules

We are not completly heartless. If an honest mistake is made, the FPI team can be quite forgiving, a bit of commonsense goes a long way and 9 times out of 10 a simple warning is all it takes. These rules are not designed to make your life difficult, they are designed to keep the server clean, healthy and fun.

[*]]We strongly disagree with insults and swearing - please do so sparsely - If you catch anyone breaking this rule, please screenshot it and send it to me (or the staff) on this account, or point it to my attention on discord.

[*]Do not abuse the vote system - By this we mean; voting to kick people with no concept and doing so repeatedly, this also includes uncalled for mining bans, abusive or disrespectful text voting and spam.

[*]Be respectful - This is a game, regardless of how good or bad someone is does not warrant insults / abuse.

[*]Stacking - Though not illegal, we strongly discourage stacking; we have a 'randomizer' to help tackle this issue, spam joining the server to try and overcome this defence however will be treated as an offence, as well as using any other exploit. You can attempt to swap to the same team legally however.

[*]No naming and shaming - please do not openly accuse players of cheating. If this is something you feel strongly agaist you can always bring it to either myself or the FPI staff for us to investigate.

[*]Speak English - Although we won't bring down the iron hammer; we have had several players try to mask insults in German, French and Spanish. As we have mods that speak all three this attempt to hide fell flat. For that reason we encourage players to speak English and keep non-english to PMs whenever possible.

[*]Point 'farming' - is strictly prohibited. Bots will be disabled, players caught trying to abuse the point system will lose the right to exchange them.

[*]No VPN / IP 'spoofing - It can cause lag and isn't necessary; we can instantly see people doing it, and instantly assume they have something to hide. Don't draw attention to yourself, and save us the paper work.

[*]Do not pretend to be staff, and/or another player - We have had people try, please don't do it. It isn't clever, we can see you do it, save yourself the headache and play with your normal player ID; or make something new up. It is not illegal to have the same name / id of staff or another player; but it is illegal to try and pose as said staff/player.

[*]Advertising -- we do not allow any form of outsourced advertising inside FPI channels (in or out of the server i.e. discord). This includes: digital/pysical products, and/or services. We allow you to speak of said service/product but not to openly and knowingly promote it inside FPI channels. Doing so will be classified as an offense.

[*]Player Names - we expect players to use sensible names, having bad and/or offensive names / cuss words is against our rules.

[*]Not an offence, but we highly recommend you use a steam account when logging into the server, failure to do so will result in no awarded points.

Rules me, and the MOD team go by

[*]We, as mods are here to oversee the wellbeing of the server - thus using powers out of context will result in an immediate suspension of powers. We may not use powers to ulter the natural course of the game and/or peace (i.e. map changes, spawning fake nukes, donating credits/resources to either yourself, or others -- unless it is a refund/troubleshooting issue etc...)

[*]We CAN refund players and/or change maps to address issues or for troubleshooting (i.e disconnects, glitched or unstable map/gameplay etc...) just ensure to record this with screenshots and explain to the playerbase why you are changing the map, before doing so.

[*]We, as mods are here to set an example - keeping swearing and insults at home, not in game.

[*]We, as mods are here to be respectful and patient regardless of how upset or angry said player is. If said player continues to be problematic mods have the right to kick or suspend said player in accordance to the disciplinary procedure.

[*]we, as mods are to keep a record (screenshots ideally) of everytime enforcement has to be taken

[*]Harassment, threats, bribery or disclosing private server information - big no, no please do not do it.

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