Johfireking's hacks report

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Johfireking's hacks report

Post#1 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:16 am

- My in-game username is same as here, wired.

- I am reporting Johfireking.

- He was seen flying(it's obvious that he was hacking due to his lack of access to the /fly command) by some players including me. He also claimed that he is an admin, which he obviously isn't, that slacker doesn't seem to know what the /list command is for. He also had killaura on and just raged upon me with no reason-i was near him at that time-. I have all of this on tape, but i lack of time so i can't like cut it, render it and upload it, that needs time. It's pure 1h clip in which i was lucky enough to have him on tape. I showed it to FlyingNinja. I hope he gets permanently banned, he seems like a really bad person, we don't really want bad ppl on EKT community, do we? He was like, oh no, i dont hack what the heck are you talking about 'n' shit like that. Anyways i hope he gets BANNED. KIlling players with no reason and hacking aren't allowed right? If we add his history of bans he should be permanently banned, ONE FOR GOOD.
In-game name: wired

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Re: Johfireking's hacks report

Post#2 » Tue Jun 27, 2017 5:27 am

Alright so i read the logs and it seems that you are telling the truth... also he has hacked before in the server and had been banned. He tried a lot of times spoofing staff members etc

Code: Select all

<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> jahfireking hacks
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> fly hacks
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> pls ban that fucker
<MC_Bot> [world] NoMoCrazyCow joined the game.
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <pokemonmasterz15> dam
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world] <Professor_X> johfireking hacks
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world] <JASON_GUO00> lol wtf
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world] <Professor_X> he is hacking
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world] 4pros joined the game.
<MC_Bot> [world] <4pros> omg
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
* mib_fjudr7 ([email protected]) has joined
<MC_Bot> [world] 4pros left the game.
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world] <Professor_X> dude give wired items back
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> you will be banned
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> dont worry
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> im recording
<MC_Bot> [world] <JASON_GUO00> good job
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <Johfireking> if iam really hacking\
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> you flied dude..
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <Johfireking> lol
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <Johfireking> how im not admin
<MC_Bot> [world] <JASON_GUO00> u r hackin
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> wtf
<MC_Bot> [world] <JASON_GUO00> are you chump?
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <Johfireking> dude get your stuff
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> give me back my stuff
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> or reporyt
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> or report
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> im not afraid
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> to do so
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <Johfireking> its about to cvanish
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> im registered in forum
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> you will be
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> banned
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> for a lietime
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world] pokemonmasterz15 drowned
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking using [Crazy Sword]
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] wired was slain by Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <Johfireking> wait
<MC_Bot> [world] <JASON_GUO00> dude stop being a asshole
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> lol
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> i had dim
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <Johfireking> try remobving the chestplate
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> lol
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> i cant
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> curse of
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> binding
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] pokemonmasterz15 fell out of the world
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> sharp 3 dim sword
<MC_Bot> [world_the_end] <wired> ...
<MC_Bot> [world] <Johfireking> dont have
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> give it back
<MC_Bot> [world] <JASON_GUO00> slay is goku turret 1 hit dead?
<MC_Bot> [world] iFLIPPYi joined the game.
<MC_Bot> [world] <SlayGirl> idk
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> i tricked u u will be reported
<MC_Bot> [world] <JASON_GUO00> lol
<MC_Bot> [world] <Johfireking> lol if i hack
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> lol
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> you did...
<MC_Bot> [world] <Professor_X> jason it isnt its like 3-4 shots
<MC_Bot> [world] <pokemonmasterz15> wait who'z being reported
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> you letted the whole world to se
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> lol
<MC_Bot> [world] <Johfireking> i just returned your stuff cuz you noob pvper
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> NOOB PVPER ?
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> prof x saw
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> that u flied
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> ...
<MC_Bot> [world] <pokemonmasterz15> wired who'z being reported?
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> me asw
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> so stfu
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> that retard
<MC_Bot> [world] <Johfireking> soreloser
<MC_Bot> [world] <pokemonmasterz15> who
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world] <Johfireking> lol
<MC_Bot> [world] <JASON_GUO00> so fly hacking and pvp hacking
<MC_Bot> [world] <Johfireking> saying i hack
<MC_Bot> [world] <pokemonmasterz15> WHO!
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> Johfireking
<MC_Bot> [world] NoMoCrazyCow left the game.
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> KIllaura
<MC_Bot> [world] <pokemonmasterz15> i didn'tsee dam
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> and
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> fly hacks
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> hope for the best fucktard
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> your ip will be banned soon
<MC_Bot> [world] <Johfireking> hacking is bad i just practice pcvping
<MC_Bot> [world] <pokemonmasterz15> r u shure i watch him
<MC_Bot> [world] <wired> sure
<MC_Bot> [world] <pokemonmasterz15> :-; relly? i watch him i was tlking to him
<MC_Bot> [world] <Johfireking> noobs always say he hacking if they lose
<MC_Bot> [world] <Professor_X> dude you were flying
<MC_Bot> [world] <Johfireking> noob
<MC_Bot> [world] <Johfireking> if iwas fling i should be in creative
<MC_Bot> [world] <pokemonmasterz15> Professor_X i watched im not too shure u r correct ... or are u ???

I will range ip ban him
Intel Xeon 2670 v2 (20 core 3.3Ghz)
MB 2011 Socket
8GB RAM 2400Mhz
Shapphire HD 7770 2GB -----> Imma upgrade it to Nvidia 1070

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