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Post#1 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:29 pm

Hello Mr/Mrs who muted me,

I got muted for doubting the skills of a player. Yet during the same and following game, many players did the same or worst.
I can understand that an admin doesn't have the same point of view as me but anyway when someone keep doing only headshot no matter what he uses as infantry or vehicle, you start to raise concerns. Also a kill count of 100 of more on each game is not what I call skill.

We can't complain about this, fine, I am sorry then.

But you should on your side start to record some players and analyze the server data and this game will be dead before next year. It is important to watch those so "skilled" players and if someone reports it, don't mute him, discuss in pm about it maybe.

I was called a fool when there was the RGH plague in Renegade. The time showed I was right. I managed to find the hack early and gave it to the scripts.dll staff to prevent it. But the hacks kept coming... the moderators on many server were themselves the cheater.

So here is my proposal : I follow your rules, I send pm to mods, you record and we see what we can find. I really love this game and I don't want it ruined because of this new cheat plague. I can see so many time some sniper at the back of the base shooting the whole map without moving from their safe spot (often inside a building) Already made several videos for the devs about it.

Best Regards,

Renardin (RenX Tib Sun Vehicles Texture Artist)

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Re: muted

Post#2 » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:11 am

I've been told by our staff that you have been unmuted so i think there is not a problem anymore.

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