justified (temp) ban?

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justified (temp) ban?

Post#1 » Sat Jan 26, 2019 9:21 pm

First of all, I do not think so...

Hi, i was (temp) Banned on the Fair Play Inc Server by Tomujain.
For a Reason, i think in was something with a VPN (first Kick Reason)

The second Reason was "See Tomujain on Discord".

Dear Tomujain,
i would contact you over Discord if I could find this somewhere.
It would be very nice if you would share this, in the kick reason :)

Over this forum or Google Search i don´t find them, or im to Stupid for this. :doh:
I don´t know why you think i would play over a VPN, if i play over a VPN i would have a bad Ping to all the other players, but i have look (ingame) after the first kick and i have a Ping from 80, most of the other player have 60~120 (its really normal) and a few (1 or 2) a ping ~800 (really unusual in Renx).

I don´t play over a VPN, I do not need it at all, because i play from Germany to a Server in France (according to server info).
I don´t know why Tomujain think that i Play over a VPN, i have currently no VPN Software on my PC so that I can say that it is.

Please give me more information why i was Kicked/banned, so that it does not happen again.
All other Gameplay´s on the server in the past (not today), was very fine and i haven´t this problem.
Maybe Tomujain is a bit too eager?

At least it does not leave a good impression.

Please give me a feedback about the facts
Ingame Name in RenX are Binaery

Best Regards

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