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Helper Application

Post#1 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:11 pm

1) Your IGN (In Game Name) : Deluzze
2) Additional Usernames: Don't have

3) How old are you?:15

4) Where are you from?(because of the time zone):Tunisia

5) What languages are you fluent in? (this could be a problem when trying to help other players if you cant communicate with them) English and French and arabic

6) Have you ever been a staff member at EKT before?: No

7) How often do you play on our servers?: almost everyday

8) Why would you like to be a helper on our servers?: i want help server and players

9) Have you ever been banned on any server before? If so, why?: No

10) What skill do you have that could be useful by being a helper on our minecraft server?: i am so kind and helpful

11) Do you have mIRC (Or another IRC client) and know how to use it?: Yes

12) Do you know any of our current staff? Yes, please tell us the their names: Flyingninja,Goku,Jason,Dave,Softqueen,Shiro,Fwabulicious,wael2010,kal16,faxwy,aigis athena,abbccabbcc,kobe,galaxy_boy.
13) Who is your sponsor?:Flyingninja and Jason_guo00
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Re: A Staff Application

Post#2 » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:21 pm

1) In question 7 you answered almost every day. You are randomly poping up every few days a week for a few minutes.
2) You have copied Ritankar1's helper application... You can see it clearly in question 12 where he says exactly the same staff member with the same order. We are not asking you a list of the server's staff... we are asking you a few staff members that you have interacted with.
3) Same as above, neither I or Jason are sponsoring you nor you have asked us. This application has been a simple copy-paste from Ritankar's application

Application Denied.
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