A helper Application

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A helper Application

Post#1 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 12:39 pm

1) Your IGN Deluzze

2) Additional Usernames:i have not

3) How old are you?: 15

4) Where are you from?(because of the time zone): tunisia

5) What languages are you fluent in? (this could be a problem when trying to help other players if you cant communicate with them): english french arabic

6) Have you ever been a staff member at EKT before?: no

7) How often do you play on our servers?: some times but if i will be a staff member that will mean i will need to play usually

8) Why would you like to be a helper on our servers?: i want help new players who's don't know the server yet

9) Have you ever been banned on any server before? If so, why?: no

10) What skill do you have that could be useful by being a helper on our minecraft server?: i am helpful . i don't get angry . i am a gamer

11) Do you have mIRC (Or another IRC client) and know how to use it?:

12) Do you know any of our current staff? Yes, please tell us the their names: yes .
AngryDave1987 Kal16 Kessie FlyingNinja Kobe Faxwy TupakkShakkur wael2010 Fatalx_Bladez Fwabulicious JASON_GUO00 Shiro SoftQueen xGalaxy_Boyx

13) Who is your sponsor?: flyingninja. wael2010.jason_guo00

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Re: A helper Application

Post#2 » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:01 pm

Are you seriously reposting the same application? Your application was declined. Not going to say that again.


Application Denied.
Topic Locked.

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