ip_ban- flyingninja- troublemaker

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ip_ban- flyingninja- troublemaker

Post#1 » Tue Nov 28, 2017 5:23 pm

I have waited all this time to calm down .the truth makes me say that and it was not my habit is that you ridiculed me and
I was humiliated and also you opened my account and I put me in the lava
so i hope you forgive me and every server player for my bad
and i hope begin another life


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Re: ip_ban- flyingninja- troublemaker

Post#2 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 4:31 pm

You have already been let off and can rejoin when you feel like it.

Just please dont cause trouble.



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Re: ip_ban- flyingninja- troublemaker

Post#3 » Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:30 am

I did not open your account.

Topic Locked.

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