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Post#1 » Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:38 am

Main in game name: Android17

Additional Usernames: - buraticate011

How old are you?: 17

Location: Philippines

Have you ever been a staff member at EKT before?: I've been a Builder

How often do you play on our servers?: Active member/Everyday

Have you ever been banned on any server before? If so, why?: Yes i was, because i was too good in pvp i can even surpass them, and they thinking im hacking.

What skills do you feel you have that would qualify you to be a moderator of our Minecraft Server?: I can invite other players by inviting other MC Player using online adds like group in FB, I can make good pvp arena that can attract other players.
Do you have mIRC (Or another IRC client) and know how to use it?: Yes

Do you know any of our current staff?: Yes

If Yes, please tell us the their names: I know who's goku here.

Please list any languages you speak/type fluently: Japanese / English

Why would you like to be a moderator in our Servers?: This is my dream, I want to be a member of staff. I want to help this server for they good plans.

Who Are your two sponsors?: No

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Player has been inactive for 15 days or more

Application Rejected

Topic Locked.

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